Day 5 of Digging

On Thursday we actually started to see some strata that may be subsoil in some of the units. Marisa and Kate D in EU2 are starting to come up with it at about 80cmbd. We are still getting some artifacts out yet so we are not completely out of the woods. Like rock stars, they managed to detect an entire post hole and a textbook postmold in the base of their tiny 1 x 1m unit. Now to find more postholes associated with that one! This would potentially allow us to say something about where structures may have been on the property in the 18th century.

Our unidentifiable-metal-object in the trash pit in EU1/EU6 has turned into a full-fledged early 20th century trashpit (Feature 2), complete with cans, a milk glass vase, and what may be an enamel pot. Although they managed to draw the entire feature in under and hour, they happily split the last Nantucket Bake Shop chocolate walnut cookie with everyone.

In EU3 at about 32cmbd (Level 3a) teresa uncovered a LOT of artifacts. A la more-artifacts-than-dirt type of context.Mostly modern window and bottle glass, mortar and brick, but also some interesting dark green glass, whiteware plates, and what may be some sort of non-ferrous metal decorative pin. The density of artifacts and the richness of the dark brown soil suggest that this may have been a previous ground surface.

In EU4 Kate J shovel-shaved away at the levels around Feature 1 (Pipe trench) and continued to cross her fingers that she would reach subsoil soon. Mike worked in EU5 excavating the yellow-brownish mottled layer that may be associated with some repairs to the back entrance to the basement. We called this Feature 5 as we thought it was going to be a builder’s trench. On Thursday he will be picking up the loppers and the shovel again to take out the next layer.

Things are going well and we are getting excited about Public Archaeology Week next week so hopefully you can come out to visit. Monday through Saturday 10-4pm!


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