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May 28, 2008

Mike Way and I traveled to Nantucket today—it only took 5 hours from Boston (cab to bus to cab to ferry to cab to apartment). Our condo for the next few weeks is awesome! Lots of space and a backyard with a bar-b-que. Complete with understated Nantucket grey shingles.

We are busily getting ready for tomorrow. Inventorying kitchen accoutrements and working on our computers. Tomorrow the rest of the crew arrives and we set-up some units in the yard. Then tomorrow evening we have a talk at the Nantucket African Meeting House (6pm). Busy, busy busy.



May 25, 2008

Hello all!

Welcome to the Higginbotham House Archaeology Weblog. This weblog is meant as a place to keep people informed about the progress of the archaeological project over the next few weeks (and beyond…)

The Museum of African American History is sponsoring an archaeological dig at one of the important historic sites on Nantucket, the Higginbotham House. The Fiske Center for Archaeological Research at UMass Boston has been hired to undertake the research and I am using this project as part of my dissertation research at the University of California Berkeley.

The Higginbotham House was built in the late 18th century by Seneca Boston, a weaver and formerly enslaved African American man. He and his wife Thankful Micah, a Wampanoag woman, would raise a family there and pass the property down to their children. Except for one year, African American families owned the home for over 200 years. This home became part of the political and social space of the community, and the Boston family became a prominent black family on the island and abroad.

Its Memorial Day weekend and I am preparing for traveling to Nantucket on Tuesday and beginning the dig on Wednesday. If you happen to be on Nantucket on Wednesday May 28th, David Landon (UMass Boston) and I (Teresa Dujnic, UCB) will be giving a talk at the Nantucket African Meeting House at 6pm to kick off the dig. The NAMH is located at 29 York Street.